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We do everything from award shows and large audience live events to conferences, product launches and corporate retreats. Audience sizes run between 300 to 6,000. Our belief is that the skills and resources used on all events are transferrable and that the wider range of events we do, the better experience we have.

You absoluetly have the right to choose the best production resources for your event. In fact, there are many benefits to choosing an outside production company, such as competitive pricing, long-term partnerships, on-site technicians servicing only your event, and nationwide service. We recommend adding the following text to your venue contract to protect your right to choose:

Group reserves the right to utilize the supplier of its choice for services or rentals in the areas of audio visual, exhibit decorating, security, floral, transportation, tours, Internet connectivity service, etc. with no surcharge or other fees from the Meeting Facility or from its in-house supplier, whether such fees are part of the facility’s general operating policy or contained in a specific proposal or contract, whether they be published or unpublished. Group will not accept any charges directly tied to selection of a third party vendor, including, but not limited to, load in/load out fees, audio visual liaison fees, house sound patch fees or standard meeting room power fees. This clause supersedes any other clause, portion of any contract or general operating policy of the facility.

Most venue in-house staff only provide technical support and equipment rentals. At Showpros our professionals have years of producing impactful events – we pay attention to delivering on how your audience is impacted. From staging and set design to selecting the right equipment and show control, success for us is defined by the end result for you and your audience.

No, estimates are free of charge. If we are required to travel outside of the Southern California region for a site visit or planning session the client is responsible for all travel expenses. For a free quote and consultation call us or email us via the “contact” page.

The Showpros has produced events throughout North America and Europe, and are available to produce events anywhere your event is taking place. We have produced events at hosted at hotels, resorts, indoor and outdoor venues – any space large enough for your audience is a venue we can transform.

Our clients hire us for a variety of creative services, media production, planning, branding and event projects – each project is unique. Our fees range from a few thousand to several hundred thousand depending of size and scope of the project.

We prefer to work with our clients from the earliest stages of planning. We have found that in addition to completely understanding what our clients hope to accomplish, we can assist with making effective and efficient production choices, advise on budget, creative and planning.