IABC Meeting 9.13.16


Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Discussion
Panelist From
Edwards, Golden State Foods, Avantis Roofing, and Para LLAX

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Video Shoot for The OC Tech Alliance

23rd Annual OC Tech Alliance High-Tech Awards
Winners to be announced Oct. 6, 2016 Gala

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“Profanity”, Amazing!

We have been producing events for The Black Chamber of Orange County for over 20 years. This past Saturday at the Disneyland Hotel we produced a 500 person event honoring the 150 year anniversary since the Buffalo Soldiers were formed.
All Bobby McDonald, President and CEO of the Black Chamber […]

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It only took 40 yrs. to become an overnight success

Weren’t the Rio Summer Olympics incredible?

They made it look so easy and effortless. What we didn’t see was the all the years of preparation that went into that one performance.

If 40 years of producing live events that move the heart and excite the mind has taught me anything, it’s: […]

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Adventures in Contract Negotiation

I’m negotiating hotel contracts today, developing a relationship with a new audio visual management team and having fun with the “give and take” of the process. So, I’m taking notes along the way and sharing a few points from my experience.

To begin with, consider developing your own contract. Create […]

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Stage Lighting Trends

We love the trend toward LED lighting for stages at our events. It is a much more flexible option for stages than traditional lighting sources. LED lighting goes a long way in allowing us to use fewer fixtures to light more space. We save time on the lighting setup and it […]

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The Heart of Good Client Relationships

 I always have a lot to think about the week after producing a show or event; reviewing notes, following up with my client to be sure expectations were met (and hopefully exceeded), determining what went well and, most importantly, how I can evolve to create and achieve an even better […]

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Live Streaming Your Events

It is your event – live, broadcasting to a global audience.
It gets people talking to expand your production and presentations to everyone interested in involvement.
Multiple cameras and quality streaming equipment provide professional HD quality, dynamic information and story-telling. Amazing to view!
Increases your audience which means increased support, fund-raising and […]

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It’s Showtime! Have You Planned Ahead With Your Event?

You plan for months to make sure everything runs smoothly for your event. You have everything coordinated with your presenters, script is written and audio/visual team is coordinated. You have experience with the caterers and venue staff and know they are reliable.  So what could go wrong? Even the most […]

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Production Knowledge is Power

In recent years the meetings and event industry has grown considerably in terms of professionalism and improved knowledge standards. In spite of that growth event planners are still lacking in their understanding about technical production.  Planners do not need to know how to operate a sound board, or install […]

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